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Reasons Why Z Fold Maps Are Advantageous

You have probably been in an unfamiliar place where you needed to use a map to check for location. You know how hectic it is to use an ordinary map if you had it. Pulling out the map from your bag, unfolding it several times so that you can hunt for the place with the information you want while the map is falling over and getting blown and wrinkled by wind is the hectic situation you may have found yourself in. Folding the map may be challenging and it ends up folding into a pile of mess, making it easy to be ripped.

A simple, pocket-size z fold map will eliminate all the above difficulties. Compared to different available types of fold maps, z fold maps enable you to access information easily and provide you with an excellent user experience. Keep reading this article to find out why z fold maps are beneficial than other types of fold maps. They are easy to fold up; this is one of the importance. Z maps do not have complications when it comes to expanding and collapsing. The opening and closing of a z map is easy because it expands as an accordion does; hence you do not have to figure out folding patterns.

If you are using the map for travel guides, you will open and get the information you require quickly. The brochure fold styles available are many, but z fold maps offer an excellent canvas for categorizing data. A z fold with a single row and many columns can be printed in various languages. Both sides will have the same information, but one side will be in English and another side in Spanish or whichever language. A z fold map is the best because it fits in your pocket.

The idea of carrying around a big map with several folds is disliked by most individuals. Z maps are easy to access and carry around because they are small-sized and can fit in a pocket or wallet. Hikers, cyclists and tourists do not want to be bogged down by large-sized maps; thus this is the ideal map for them. Having the best design for repeated use is another advantage of using a z fold map. An outer card is built with the map to protect it when folded.

Wear and tear of the map will be eliminated or minimized by the extra-thick layer hence allowing for lots of repeated use of the map. According to the majority of the users, folding and unfolding of z maps is easy. As a result, creases will be prevented from forming in the wrong spot thus extending the map’s life. With the single, double or triple row size at the front and back of the map, they give you tons of information. The pocket-size feature of the map does not translate to it having limited space for information.
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