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Why You Should Have Your Commercial Windows Tinted

Window tinting films are so different nowadays. No more odd colors and peeling edges, only long-lasting films that deliver a whole range of benefits for building owners and occupants.

Energy Efficiency

During summer, the air conditioning system needs to harder to regulate the building’s temperature, which means energy costs skyrocket. Window tinting films can bring considerable return on investment by blocking a large percentage of the sun’s heat. Superior performance films can actually filter up to 75% of that heat, allowing them to reduce the operating costs of most commercial buildings, especially during hotter months.

More Comfort

Solar-filtering window films can help get rid of office hot spots, decrease glare on computer monitors, and regulate the amount of light that goes into every room. The above factors produce a general environment that increases the comfort of employees as well as clients throughout the year.

Privacy and Security

Window films increase the privacy of a building without blocking out all natural light. Vandalism, accidents, harsh weather conditions are some of the saddest realities for any commercial building. Window films work by adding a protective layer that prevents further damage. If the glass shatters, the pieces will stick to the film and stay in position until a window replacement is available, thereby preventing injury among building occupants.

Interior Protection

In time, UV rays can damage almost everything, from carpeting to electronics. Tinted window films can keep such damage at bay. They reduce UV light and general solar damage, such as surface cracks and discoloration.

Better Exterior Look

With modern window films, any building, old or new, can have a fresher, sleeker look. The films themselves make any piece of glass look neat and clean. Even when the curtains or blinds are unique from one part of the building to another, commercial window films give the building a homogeneous appearance from the outside. New window films can now even be removed and replaced while keeping the old glass, which is just one of the many cost-saving advantages of window films.

Reasonably Priced Shine

Lastly, window tinting demands very little maintenance. Because film is less porous than glass, dirt and streaks become less visible, making the glass look shinier and stretching the period between glass cleanings. When the windows do need a washing, a simple water and mild detergent solution should be enough as cleaning agent, and the glass should be wiped off using a soft fabric or paper towel after cleaning. Every now and then, it’s also good to use silicone products for buffing the films.
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